3i’s Journey To Third Eye


“HOW ABOUT SUCCEEDING LIKE SUCCESS. WITH A LITTLE MORE CLARITY OF SUCCESS.” ASMANI SURVE had it all-and the workaholic with performance anxiety to prove it. After fifteen years in Human Resources, she realized that her balance in life was more leaned on work-life than her overall life. She paved a way for herself, which leads her to find the theory of success. If you are looking to recoup your control on life to find success, Asmani is here to help you detox. Success isn’t just a word. It’s an aspiration. An aspiration to realize one’s dreams and achieve goals that seem distant at one instance and a hand’s away at another moment. Nothing succeeds like success, they say. After all, it’s a turning point that paves new pathways of possibilities. “Wish there was a theory to success!” On further contemplation, and after extensive research, here is a designed theory to success. She has figured out that in our quest for success, we consciously or subconsciously look for a USP i.e. Unique Selling Proposition that defines us. Hence, the key lies in identifying that USP within, for which it is imperative to constantly undergo introspection. So, here she is sharing nuggets from a determinedly sought, earnestly pursued and voraciously researched material that would help you find your USP through three simple yet profound ‘I’s, which are sure to leave an indelible impression on your subconscious mind, opening up new avenues to success.

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