7 Secrets To Magical Parenting: Parenting is Magical When You Do it Smart!


About the book: Today’s Kids are Smart. Hey, Parents! Get Smarter!

Parenting is an incredible ride with children; sometimes lovely, sometimes exhaustive. Parents enjoy divine bliss only to be followed by Parental Pressure. It’s gratifying and equally challenging to calm a baby rolling on the floor or cheer up a frowning teenager. Many feel like failures in the mad race to be a perfect parent. It’s not an easy job but it’s not that bad either. Dear Parents! Don’t be overwhelmed to be the perfect parent. Children don’t need a perfect one; they need a Happy one who embraces their good, bad, and ugly sides.

Magical Parenting is a series of techniques that help you be a happy parent by knowing your kids, and foreseeing what they become. Those are magical ways to celebrate small achievements; know when to say sorry, and intervene in the kid’s life when they are confused between their behavior and societal expectations.

Here are seventy practical tips with real-life anecdotes and adaptable solutions – how to channelize a kids’ anger into positive discipline, making them future ready, teach them the values of life, and support teenagers in their bumpy ride. They are not chronological, but I believe each is equally important as the other.

So, get ready! You will love raising your new-age children with resilient mindsets and enjoy the parenting journey without suffering from the Super Parent Syndrome.


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