A Brief Overview of IMS – (Integrated Management System)


About the book :

It is commonly said that “quality and safety is everybody’s responsibility”, but how much of this is true, practically? Unfortunately, this is not properly understood in the industry even today and the efforts required get isolated to the quality and safety departments. This can only improve if the top management, operational management and team leaders start owning the processes under their control and ensure that quality/safety are built in to the processes proactively. The principles of IMS outlined in this book could help improve processes within the scope of the company operations. It is hoped that A Brief Overview of IMS provides basic reference material for managers, engineers and executives at different levels in the industry, which could also help in training personnel at junior levels, including technicians and workers. The book also serves as a reference for management students and academic personnel.

About the Author :

Sudheendra Sonny is a retired Quality Management professional with over 45 years of experience as a Quality Manager, trainer, auditor and consultant. He has worked in several sectors in India and the Middle East countries both in government and private sector establishments. The areas in which he worked include the department of space (Government of India), state governments and private enterprises involved in the development and production of electronic products in India and construction companies in GCC countries like Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Mr Sonny has a flair for system and process development with the objective of continual improvement and strongly believes that building up an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO Standards) could help companies in developing an excellence model over a period of time, which could bring tangible and intangible benefits and help companies become market leaders in their field. Joachim Furthado Joachim Furtado has 25 years.


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