A Journey Among the Thorns – When Sorrow Comes, It Comes in a Battalion



About the Book

A Journey among the Thorns is a semi-autobiographical work by Dr. Dipankar Mallick, who is popularly known by his pet name Bapi. Here, he has made a humble endeavor at mirroring his life. This book traces bits and parts of the author’s life, providing glimpses of his childhood, college days, and the years that followed, and the obstacles and hardships he had to go through to stand where he stands today, looking for new milestones and bracing himself to face more obstacles that life challenges us with. This book asserts the famous saying that it is through patience and perseverance that one can overcome mountains. As he walks down memory lane, he narrates a lesson to learn and a song to hum.

About the Author

Dr. Dipankar Mallick is an assistant professor in the Department of English at B.N. College, Dhubri, Assam. Besides teaching, he takes an active interest in sports and music.


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