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About the Book :

This book is a distilled collection of some of Mr. Madhusudana Rao Vepakomma’s works that can help sharpen one’s intellect and have fun at the same time. This ancient literary treasure themed volume has 100+ puzzles and some related historical facts as well. These involve crosswords, anagrams, alpha Romans, riddles, rebus, antonyms, letter bank, palindromes, word in Words, idioms, magic squares, and more to exercise your mind and to keep boredom away.

About the Author:

Madhusudana Rao Vepakomma is an author, lecturer in Physics, and a retired principal. He did M.Sc. (Physics) and also worked as a committee member for EAMCET at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. He was born to Sri Sreeramulu and Smt. Amruthavalli in 1949. Many years of his experience in teaching physics and working with complex equations got him interested in logical sciences and puzzles. Since then he has been passionately working on mind crafting different kinds of puzzles.


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