A Text Book Of Software Engineering


“A Text of Software Engineering” book has been designed as a textbook for the students of undergraduates and postgraduate degree courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Application ns and Software Engineering. It affords to provide the readers with a rounded view of the fundamental principles of software engineering, thus making them enabled to capture the skill set and determination required to handle this growing typical field. At inception an introduction to the concepts of software engineering, the book flings a phase-wise approach to the various components of the software process life cycle. It provides a prescribed description of the latest development process models and the basics of the software requirements. The text book quests different types principles of system-modelling, planning, measurement, design and implementation and testing and delivery of the software. It provides a focused and to the point approach to the presentation of the concepts of software engineering that helps to both students and teachers will get informative and easy to get digested.

Key Features:

1. It gives an emphasis and prominence for development, testing and maintenance of software.

2. It talks about different software process models of at least industrial practices which has Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

3. It gives review and important questions for cracking university examinations and job interviews.

4. It allows to embellish every topic in a neat way and will also be stipulated and specified, described manner.

5. It also gives a widen information about various software tools that may be Software Testing Tools and Development Testing Tools and UML Designing Tools and vice versa.

Book Author

Nazeer Shaik








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