An Author’s Digest


About the Book:

This book represents everything under the sun—a project of creative oeuvre and trajectory of a young author’s thought processes through his writings in the print media and online space commencing from his school days of hobby to his professional writing career. The topics are varied from serious to mundane and in your face—sometimes philosophical, ideological, thought provoking, and non-serious as chewing a mint. If someone has to describe this book, it will be a roller coaster that doesn’t fit any category. The topics in this book range from:

Is God dead?

Are you safe n restaurant?

An open letter to IAS wannabes.

Sheryl Sandberg and Me!

The untimely truth

A for Apple, B for Ball… R for Rape The rape epidemic and how to stop it!

Best time to be a woman ?

Where are our better angels?

The Sexual Chemistry of Power!

Want to lose weight? Stop exercising!

Men are the new weaker sex!

Are you a Tiger Mom?

The Sins of Fat People

Size Zero Mania

2421000 idiots!

Pregnancy Taste

Booze Nation

The Genius Theory

The Happiness Potion

Where is our Arnold?

And many more…

Not meant to be a book of record, it is a documentation of the writers’ view of the world as he sees from his perspective from time to time. Since it is a chronicle of his creative pursuit, facts and figures mentioned in this book may not be updated and but they remain truthful to the specific point in time the chapters got written. It is a work in progress, and therefore the Volume II is in its inception even as this book lies in your hands



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