An Untold Tale of Love


About the Book

Book speaks about a beautiful love story. Love is that which is unlimited; there is no beginning and no end to it; no before and no after; love always was, always is and always will be. Writer has narrated a great example of true love through this novel ‘An UNTOLD tale of Love’

Gokul always exhales positive energy to transform many hearts into colourful ones. Shweta takes you to a world of multiple emotional outbreaks. They hold the pages of a secret that nobody else will ever recognise. It states the hidden reality of life, the denotation of dreams, loyalty, and honesty. When life throws a curve, he, she and they find it difficult to float on a waveless sea.

“It is better to begin from my adulthood, my journey from my home town to the Crown of the Palace. Your Majesty, I won’t lie anything here. If I forget something, please do forgive me.” Gokul

“Dear Fisherman, if you receive an open envelope, please don’t read the lines below from here. Otherwise, come to Agra city station at 10:15 pm today. If you don’t find me there, look for me nowhere else.” Shweta

About the Author

Aneesh Jose, writer, educationist, and entrepreneur, actively writes for various magazines, websites, publications, journals and stage plays.

He received the best ‘Mobility Solution 2018–19’ award from Honourable Central Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari in 2019.

Book Author

Aneesh Jose








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