Back Home: An Emotional Guide for NRIs Who Are on the Fence about Moving to India





About the Book:

Narrated with anecdotes from funny to sad and shocking in fast flowing chapters, Nupur Dave explores questions like: What happens if an NRI moves to India and doesn’t like it? Is patriotism a good reason to move? What is an NRIs biggest fear when leaving foreign lands to shift home? When should NRIs consider staying back abroad?

In the under-explored topic of NRI lives and feelings, Nupur Dave’s Back Home explores answers for NRIs who have India on their mind, but are in a dilemma to take decision on whether they should come back to their motherland or not. A number of questions arise such as: Should you take a sabbatical to explore India? Should you be getting that same anecdotal salary? Back Home gives you tips and tricks to adjust to life in India and strategies to adapt to a different work culture after living for so many years abroad.

If you are an NRI afraid or confused of moving to India, this book will help you make a decision, even if it means to not move! If you are hurting inside or if you are in internal conflict, this book will calm you down. If you’re an NRI who has already moved, this book will be relatable and funny. For Indian residents, Back Home is a great insight into the minds and lives of Indians abroad.

About the Author:

Nupur Dave is an author and ex-Googler who specialises in writing about the NRI life. She was with Google for more than 10 years, worked at the Prime Minister’s Office, and has been interviewed on national television. In 2019, she was awarded the LinkedIn Spotlight award. She is an NRI consultant and helps NRIs make the difficult decision of staying abroad or moving back. You can book a session with her at

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