Being Closer: When I thought it was over


The frustration of being single and working for a horrible boss weren’t the only problems in my life. Somewhere God heard me and sent Siya to soothe me. But both roses and girlfriend come with thorns, and I discovered that Siya already had a boyfriend. Her thorns had pierced me so deeply I couldn’t forget her and sought comfort in the memories of Ritika. The only benefit from loving your Ex was the warm and cozy feeling which kept the strings attached and the soul alive. However, the moment I won Siya’s heart again, my world collapsed into an old grave I had forgotten to cover. Could I keep hold of my new life if I couldn’t cover the grave? And what would Siya think if she found out before I could tell her? Could we ever be together and in love? Stranded between two worlds of old and new, I couldn’t step any closer without getting dirty.

Book Author

Manoj Maurya








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