Bonsai Ideas from East to West


About the Book:

This book gives you a complete insight in bonsai culture and step by step guide you how to grow bonsai.

This book is written in very clear, easy to understand way. Many pictures and diagrams are used to explain the different style, tools, choice of pots. This book cover everything from choosing a tree, shaping, wiring, repotting and after care as well as details of pests, diseases and display ideas. This book helps in the selection of suitable plants for making bonsai in tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean climate. The book suggests quite a number of plants or shrubs which are ornamental and fruit bearing trees. Bonsai lovers get thrilled by viewing flowers and fruits.

About the Author:

Dr. C.L. Gurjar is a practising Gastro Surgeon. He is a creative and practical person and enjoy company of the nature, he really enjoy gardening as a hobby. It gives him peace of mind and lot of relaxation and he always try to do something interesting in field of gardening. He has created number of bonsai trees in his leisure time.

Bonsai is an art that is thousand years old and it is an art and hobby that is very much unlike most others. It takes time and patience but it is very rewarding. As a hobby bonsai is great because to get start the care and work is minimum and the appreciation is maximum. This is a very inexpensive hobby and you can actually get started for free. His bonsai journey has been supported by his wife and actively encouraged by his children.

While earlier he was quite content in indulging in his passion and focused merely on developing more and more bonsai, today he find pleasure in sharing his knowledge and helping aspiring bonsai lovers to develop the art. In the process he gained more knowledge and more creative ideas too, besides, the tremendous peace and relaxation that comes with it.

Book Author

Dr. C.L Gurjar






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