Chaar Dhaam Yaatra


There are all kinds of responsibilities in human life. There are national, religious, social, family and individual responsibilities. All these things have to be kept in mind while running a family. Life stitches are left to do some things. Many people think that family responsibilities should be moderated till the age of retirement and religious activities in the next life should be made. There is Dormant desire to make pilgrim journey. It does not end with responsibilities like family responsibilities such as parental service, education of children and marriages. If the parents are alive, then the son has a duty to make pilgrimage. if your parents have had made a pilgrimage then yourself can allow to make pilgrim.

I have fulfilled all the family responsibilities and started the pilgrimage. I have been able to travel to the four dhams because everything has come together. I made this journey in five stages. The first visit was made by Ashtavinayaka. Because Ganapati should be worshiped before starting any work. Second visit to Amarnath. Amarnath Yatra is considered difficult due to Himalayas. It is good to have traveled till it is very strong in the body. The third visit to Gangasagar. This trip has got a glimpse of Nepal’s Pashupatinath. Fourth visit to Maharashtra Darshan. And the fifth visit to Dwarakadham, Gujarat. My four Dhamas, twelve Jyotirlingas and most of the three areas were completed in this area. If the information about that area is known, then it gets its benefit when we see it. All the features of it can be seen and there is no such reason to look at one thing. It is very good if there is mythological information about the pilgrimage area. This travel description will be very useful to you.

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