Dance of Destiny


About Book:

Set in Lucknow in the early ’70s, before the advent of the ubiquitous mobile phone, Dance of Destiny is the story of Dina and Radha, who come from different castes and social backgrounds but end up falling in love.

Despite their strong love for each other and their diligent efforts at building a happy life together, they are constantly challenged by the man-made ropes of customs and traditions that have bound Indian society for countless centuries.

In an era when life could take a very ugly and unexpected turn due to a lack of communication, Dina and Radha must fight their families, their society and even their fates to make sure their love can thrive.

About Author:

Kush Bhargava comes from the very old and prominent family of Munshi Nawal Kishore of Lucknow who have lived in this beautiful city for over 150 years. Though Kush Bhargava has written several articles on international affairs for the local dailies in the past, this is his first attempt at writing a novel.
He has been in politics for several years but has chosen to keep away for the last 15 years. He is also a national and state sports administrator and has been involved in film-making too, having produced one tele-film ‘Kasak’ and a feature film ‘Monica’. Lucknow, where he had been the chief of civil defence and has fought an assembly election was the obvious choice for the setting of this novel, for a Lucknawi’s love for his city is widely known.


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