Protect the world. Preserve peace. Guard the secrets.

For centuries, Hunters have worked from the shadows to protect the world against Rev’ers. Ordinary people would call them demons but the Hunters knew these creatures for what they were. They weren’t possessed by devils, nor were they demons spat out of hell. They were just creatures from a world not found in any science books. No one on Earth knew of their existence, and the Hunters kept the balance.

In a few short weeks, that balance will be destroyed.

When Rev’ers go haywire and cause unpredictable destruction, Mafuyu, a Hunter, is tasked with protecting Mirai, an ex-Hunter that has left the organization for reasons not widely known, from Bezaleel. Legend has it that this First-Level Rev’er killed hundreds of men before he disappeared without a trace. Years later, he has resurfaced again.

Mirai knows all about Bezaleel and First-Levels, but he’s been running from a dark and dangerous past. He fears that if the First-Levels get to him, then history will repeat itself. Then all of the effort he’s put in to guard crucial secrets, all of the sacrifices he’s made, will have been in vain….

Book Author

Aj Navab








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