Down Memory Lane:Nuggets of Jamshedpur and TATA Steel


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From the write up on The Remarkable Parsees of Jamshedpur, this book revolves around short stories, snippets, and anecdotes on the author’s experience working in Tata Steel and his life in Jamshedpur from the 1960s to 2000. It is written in a very hilarious but thought-provoking style, and this is a treasure house of humor for people who have worked in Tata Steel or who have lived in Jamshedpur.

The book really takes one down through memory lane. It contains many humorous anecdotes and stories of the 1940s to 1950s which the author could collect from many officers who worked in the steel plant even earlier than 1960. Notably, the author thanks M/S H.P. Bodhanvala, K.S. Laxman, and Kumarswamy for providing many old anecdotes to him.

This is written purely from the author’s memory about the incidents and also through other sources, and therefore, there may be some discrepancies in the date, time, etc. If by any chance any individual or group is hurt by any of the articles, the author humbly regrets the same and therefore may kindly be excused. I hope the reading is more a stress reliever than historical memories by the outcome.

Dear Asok. You have been a treasure house of old stories about Jamshedpur and it is great to walk down memory lanes with you. Sometimes not very accurate but always entertaining and enjoyable. Keep us enthralled and amused. And keep on writing. All the best.

—Dr. J.J. Irani, Ex-VC/MD Tata Steel

Dear Asok, I was in splits reading your hilarious stories! Delightful!

Have you been maintaining a diary all these years?

Our love to you and dear Shantha.


—Bharat Wakhlu, Founder and President, The Wakhlu Advisory

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A J Asok Kumar








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