El Dorado – The Found City of Gold – It’s Mystery than a Myth


This book is about the old Lost Golden City El Dorado. Many people have attempted to find the city for gold but have finally failed for centuries. This book reveals why they failed and how to actually navigate the ancient city that has lost for centuries. It also addresses several issues that remain unanswered even five centuries after the exploration of the new world. The chronicles of the Spanish have been the main source until today of knowing about pre-Columbian civilization but what truly Incas think of them had remained in the haze. In the age of exploration, other European powers hurried to seize their territory in the new world, when the Spanish had the new romance for the golden city (El-Dorado) to confound the others and limit competition they have tampered with some of El-Dorado’s vital information. That’s why people couldn’t reach the gold city even after 400 years of searching; however there are some exceptions who think that they reached the city of gold only to come back with the devastating financial loss and come to the conclusion of El- Dorado is a myth. But they do not know that they were looking in the wrong direction as the Spaniards had foreseen.


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