Emilee the Elephant and Her New Friends



About the book

Emilee is a wild baby elephant and is curious to play with humans. Every time when she crosses the village nearby her forest, she asks her mother whether she can play with the people around. Her mother tried to tell her that those people may hurt her and it is not safe to go near them. But little Emilee was always curious to make friends in the village. But as wild elephants are dangerous, people used to scare her away. Let’s find out how Emilee with her clever and witty plans tries to get friends in the village to play with.

About the Author

Nikitha Joseph as a Professor in Media and Journalism was always curious to research on the influence of media on toddlers. It is her daughter’s interest in stories that made her explore the field of storytelling. She considers stories as the best teaching aid with which kids feel, enjoy, and learn. Her stories concentrate on nature and animals to make the kids connected to the life around them.

Book Author

Nikitha Joseph








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