Eye Tracking Technology in Dentistry


About the Book:

Eye-tracking technology is an effective tool that calculates the rotation of the eyes, direction of the gaze, blink frequency and changes in eye pupil diameter. The use of eye-tracking in dentistry is in its infancy, with only a few studies pertaining to dental field. Eye-tracking is an objective tool with myriad applications in teaching and learning in dentistry as it would provide an objective evidence regarding students’ search patterns and visual fixations when viewing teaching material. This book encompasses basic insight about eye-tracking technology, its mechanism and the research application in various fields. A chapter on SRIHER experience would be a template or a protocol for any researcher to further employ the eye-tracking technology in a larger scale. This book would positively influence the potential students, researchers and investors to apply eye-tracking technology as a research tool in dentistry.

About the Author

Dr G Felsy Premila holds BDS, MBA (Hospital Management) and has been associated in academics since 2008. She has been currently attached with Faculty of Clinical Research, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research as Research Manuscript Editor. She is an investigator/co-investigator in 3 research grants and as author/co-author of scientific papers in both national and international peer-review journals. She pursued many online certification courses pertaining to Clinical Research, Research Methodology, Technical Writing, Systematic Review and so on. Her research interests include Caries Risk assessment and Preventive Aspects, Eye Tracking Technology in Dentistry, Bite Force and Anatomy/Morphology of Tooth.


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