Fit Kids Club – Mission Nutrition : Small Steps to Health, Wellness and Conscious Living


About the Book:

This book is going to take you on an exciting adventure with the Wellness Warrior and the FITKIDSCLUB in their quest to defeat the Bad Ninjas. During this fun-filled journey, you will get to join the Wellness Warrior and the FITKIDSCLUB on their Mission Nutrition, which is an initiative to take responsibility of your own health and to protect and nourish the idea of healthy foods and holistic living, while you learn to slay the Bad Ninjas along the way, with delicious recipes for you to try and the opportunity to create your very own FITKIDSCLUB!

This book is for parents as much as it is for kids. Join the Wellness Warrior on her quest along with the FITKIDSCLUB to defeat the Bad Ninjas, protect your planet and use the surprise resource hidden inside the book to plant your own tree. Apply the steps revealed in this book and be part of a delightfully nutritious and enjoyable experience!

About the Author:

Danielle Jones is passionate about health and wellness. She is pursuing her integrative nutrition and health coaching certification and is on what she calls Mission Nutrition, an initiative to get kids to take responsibility for their health and food choices from an early age.

Mission Nutrition is all about changing the way children approach the idea of healthy foods, being aware of their environment, and consciously choosing health. Danielle believes that rewarding kids with junk food is doing them an injustice. She firmly believes that we must change the way we talk to children about healthy food choices so that they learn to celebrate it and not cringe at the idea of nutrient-dense whole foods.


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