Flavours of Home – Meals and Memories. Food and the Joy of Family


About the Book

Flavours of Home is an awe inspiring, stunningly photographed Cookbook, in which the author meanders through memory lane,going back to family roots in Lahore and Bhera of pre partition India and through her father’s beloved Burma.She also includes stories from Delhi – her home for more than 40 years and from Punjab,Lucknow,Kerala and the coalfields of Eastern India where her extended family lived.Last but not the least, a couple of recipes from beautiful “snooty Ooty” in the Western Ghats,where she went to a school nestled in the hills amongst the eucalyptus trees.The narrative leading on to each recipe makes this book an incredible memoir as well.

The warmth and love of all things family, prepared and served straight from the “hearth of her home” – her kitchen,there are 34 recipes which are family favourites. Salads, a layered house biriyani and a time-tested fish curry amongst others.Each one of her recipes holds the power to make you want to cook!

About the Author

Dr. Veenu Chopra, MD, was born in Amritsar, raised in Alleppey and educated in Ooty, and Trivandrum.

After her marriage, she settled in New Delhi for over 40 years. She and her husband Dr. Rakesh Chopra, have three children and two grandsons. She discovered her love for all things cooking at an early age, by hanging around her Mama’s kitchen, “adukkala”, as it was called in Malayalam. This is where she was given the little tasks of setting the table, arranging the salad, or even learning to make a lump-free custard.

Her two mothers helped shape her cooking world, Mama, her mother, quiet, modest, and an epitome of elegance in her simplicity. Mum, her mother in law, was a practical, feisty, no-nonsense woman. Both great hostesses and excellent cooks.

Dr. Chopra’s delicious and enticing recipe collection has memories from the days that were. Her recipes are woven into her stories – an “ode to the good times gone by.”


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