From Chalk to Talk: THE ART OF TEACHING


A text book is at times not a very handy tool to use. Lot of reference needs to be done. Although Google provides a lot of ready material at the click of a mouse, it is time consuming. More often than not, teachers struggle to find the right technique to teach. This book is a one point source for varying skills that can be adopted in a classroom situation. The style of writing is lucid. The book provides innumerable examples that the teacher / trainer can use. This is the most relevant book for imparting the skills of 21st century in class – Collaborative learning, contextual learning, communication skills and reasoning skills. It also provides a backgrounder on learning process, taxonomy of learning and several lesson plans to refer to. Assessment techniques and ICTs are also provided for ready reference. The author who has over 3 decades of experience of school teaching has provided the relevant examples to overcome the hurdles that a teacher can face. Each chapter / section is provided with key learnings, snippets and exercises at the end of the chapter. This book may be used by a trainee teacher while doing the course, could be used by a new teacher on joining the school and also by a teacher with several years of experience to learn about the new developing techniques of teaching.

Book Author

Pramila Kudva








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