Future Generali Annual Report 20-21: The Cook Book – Recipes for Success


Future Generali Annual Report FY 20-21 About the book

An interesting and fiery twist to Annual Reports, this year, Future Generali’s financial analysis has been presented in a format that is certain to make you hungry, quite literally!

Curated in a cookbook style, this Annual Report pays tribute to the company’s Indo-Italian partnership, showcased through a palatable lens of rich cuisine that is a hallmark of both Indian and Italian cultures. Each section of this report is based on different meal courses and is interspersed with mouth-watering recipes that is sure to appeal to all you foodies. These recipes have been especially crafted for Future Generali by renowned chef, Manpreet Dhody, who was associated with a Michelin star restaurant and brings deep understanding of both cuisines to the table.

This book is special for many reasons, the biggest being the cause that it supports. Future Generali is committed towards the agenda of child nutrition and development and every rupee from the sale of this book will be contributed to its NGO partner, United Way Mumbai for this cause.

This book makes for an interesting read on two counts – one for the vast array of information it provides on Future Generali’s financial outlook, new and disruptive products, campaigns, employee initiatives, and an in-depth look at everything that FG has done in FY 2020-21. The second is for the scrumptious and delectable recipes especially curated to cater the Indo – Italian food connoisseur in you. By the time you would have tried your hand at a recipe or two, it will give you immense satisfaction to appreciate the role you would have played in the lives of less-fortunate children. Your small act of kindness will prove to be instrumental in providing many deserving children with their fundamental nutritional and development needs.

Do grab your copy now and start the journey to make a difference.


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