Futurism in a Political Line


About the Book

What, when – what happens; if so when it is going to happen.

How – how to counter act.

If not – if not countered what’s next.

Regional commie – for regional unification

U. P. O – an anti UN Program and organization.

Unknown Indians

H. B – invisible fascists

S. B – Orthodox bitch.

P. M – extremism in patriotism.


About the Author

I am a cop, presently working in India. Fifteen years back, I read about the French revolution and I tried my best to erase it from my brain. But my life journey didn’t stop there. I had more conflict with my colleagues and other officers. These were the times when fascism was slowly rising in India. My interest diverted towards various religions and I ended up as an atheist. Soon, I was transferred to work in a naxal-affected area. Again, it sparked inner conflict within me and I needed to know why these people were dying for some unknown belief. The Internet, some westerners and various FB groups helped me to learn the truth. Soon rumour spread amongst my colleagues and they started behaving strangely towards me. I tried to teach them, but all went odd. So, I walked out of the special unit, knowing my life and work would become more difficult. Then my perception of the real world made me write something which I believe is my kind of theory of politics.


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