Gary Motter The Restored Legend Part 1 : A New Era of Heroes


GARY MOTTER, a 19-year old cameraman is totally taken aback when he finds out that the villain named ELECTRO-MAN that existed in his imagination is present in reality. When Electro-Man attacks the city of San Francisco, Gary and his favorite hero SKULL-CRUSHER team up against him. They manage to kill him, but Skull Crusher and Gary’s family die in the sequence. Gary is astonished when he finds himself in the world oh heroes. He makes new friends and enemies. Soon Gary discovers that there are some spies, who are helping the villains. Will Gary be able to save the world of heroes from the nasty plans of villains? Will he get himself into great trouble? Will he betrayed by someone? Read this adventurous sequel to find out.

Book Author

Aarsh Roongta








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