God’s Kaleidoscope : Experiencing the World Through Innocence


About the Book :

In the rush to make a life for ourselves, we often forget to actually live. We often forget that the experience of being alive is made up of these small, seemingly insignificant moments and details. Be it to take a moment and soak in the wonder of God’s creations or to just pause and feel thankful for all that we have; to just be breathing and alive, and being a part of the great web of nature’s existence.

In these times of uncertainty, worry and fear, this is what we need the most and what we need to hold on to — Hope and a conviction of all that is good and precious.

This is a book full of love, joy and hope seen from eyes filled with child-like innocence. These poems will make us believe that life is worth living; that tomorrow always comes, and that everything can coexist to weave a beautiful tapestry when there is harmony and love.


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