Good Morning Career!: Time to wake up and get ready to meet your career




About the Author

Vyom is a counselling enthusiast. He is a motivational speaker and his words have been working well with youngsters who are trying to find their place in the competitive world. He is a proud alumni of St. Joseph’s School Nashik, City Montessori School, Lucknow and IHM Jaipur.

1. Good Morning Career: Focussing on the teenage years when career consciousness begins to shape up.

2. Good Afternoon Career: Focussing on the early years of one’s professional life.

3.Good Evening Career: Focussing on the peak of one’s career.

4.Good Night Career: Focussing on the time when one decides to pass the baton on to the next generation by becoming the guiding light for others.

Through these books, Vyom hopes to encourage people towards making their career journey a satisfying experience.

Besides the above series, he is working on a reference book India – Towards Zero Road Accidents and also a work of fiction, The Man Who Tamed the Tiger.

About the Book

When does a career journey really begin?

What is the right approach to career planning?

Why are some individuals able to rise in their career with ease while others have a tough time surviving it?

Why do some people enjoy their job while others find it a burden

Good Morning Career, is a summarized version of these experiences where the lessons learnt have been arranged into ‘easy-to-understand’ chapters. These chapters are equipped with ‘do-it-yourself’ exercises that help the reader in understanding the point being put forward.

While the book focuses on teenagers, the author recommends that it is read by the family together, to encourage and help the youngster in completing the given exercises.

Good Morning Career is a thoughtful gift for boys and girls who are getting ready to start their career journey.


Book Author

Vyom Shrivastava








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