Guide for Living Life Intelligently


Colonel R K Gupta age 78 years has lived a chequered life full of rich experiences like going for a tiger hunt, participation in Indo- Pak war of 1971, a successful encounter with armed miscreants and fighting and winning a legal case himself as ‘ Party in Person’ instead of hiring an advocate in Honourable Gujarat High Court against Management of a private company to teach them a lesson to follow Government Rules and Regulations. He served in Army for 32 years and in private Companies in senior positions for 21 years. A brave, honest and up right officer who always followed the principle of ‘ Duty comes first always and every time ‘ and did full justice to the responsibilities entrusted to him in Army as well as in private companies. He kept working till the age of 77 years in a private company with vigour and full stamina and then he had to leave the job due to the possibility of likely infection of corona virus to senior citizens in the year 2020.

In the book Colonel Gupta has covered variety of important subjects like health, attitude, leadership, management, good etiquettes, difference between men and women, how to succeed in life and many more followed by the lessons you can learn from his experiences and tried to inspire and educate the youth to live life intelligently and fearlessly without committing common mistakes due to ignorance.


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