Handbook of Human Osteology – Human Osteology


Hand Book of Human Osteology is framed to provide an accurate visually appealing , interesting, examination oriented and readable manuscript for all Medical teams.

Helps to develop an innovative format that encourages the use of manual not only in classroom but also in demonstration laboratory.

It develop a sufficient Anatomical vocabulary so that medical students are conversant in medical terminology.

Content are grouped in region wise :

  • i) Appendicular Skeleton : Upper limb.

Lower limb.

  • ii) Axial Skeleton : Thoracic cage.


  • iii) Cranial bones.

About the Author

Rani Thankam. V.S  M.Sc Anatomy, PhD, Assistant Professor , Department of Anatomy,  has been teaching  Human Anatomy, to the students of medical  profession. This is an attempt  to provide a brief knowledge of  Human Osteology  in a readable & understandable  way, so that every  student  can demonstrate the specimens  easily.


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