About the Book

Holy Flavours will help you take the leap and make the right choices for your plate. The recipes will not only make plants taste yummy and nourishing, but more than that, they will bring back your connection with food. You can call this conscious eating. You will fall in love with food in a different way. We do not eat food just for the taste. It is a form of energy… it is an emotion. Get yourself into a new relationship with food!

Transform your health by just eating right!

About the Author

Nidhi’s journey of natural living started at an early age when she started studying the science of natural living and healing from Mumbai, and later, Australia. She has improved her own health and helped people heal from Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity and other lifestyle disorders by practising the right natural nutrition, whole plant-based foods, happy living and lifestyle changes. Now, her purpose is to spread and explain the beauty of living in alignment with nature. Her work primarily revolves around the use of natural food and the adoption of lifestyle changes to regain true health.


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