Human Intelligence Algorithm


About Book

He who speaks least gives a powerful statement that is imprinted into the brains of others that brings changes in the desired field to the side of the recipient of the message. In order to be perceived with one heart, that statement should be as brief as a mini skirt and clear too. Thus this book is overall to equip the reader with a clean, brief, powerful and smile inducing message from the start to the end. The content of the book is in such a way that once you open it, you cannot put it down unless you know what is happening next.

A social worker interacts with someone of any background and solves the problems of that person pretty well. Lawyers, CEOs, Presidents and doctors among others communicate with their subjects. The subjects receive the messages and put them into importance basing on facial expressions, body movements, tone of the language and eye movements. The compliance of the subjects depend mostly on the mentioned elements of communication. Therefore I have ensured that these elements of communication are perfectly used throughout the book so that the reader is fully contented with the message.

I am always a great story reader, an interpreter of fiction and non-fiction books. I have enriched my mind always and developing my personality through books. I have been delighted to read the content of your book and I am always induced to read it again and again.”


“This book is life changing and it brings smiles on my face throughout the reading process”

                                                                                                                                                                         JONAH T

About the Author

Dr. Bagare Emmanuel is a Pharmacist who discovered potential and smooth ways to achieve his profession despite his early academic challenge. He has won several academic awards and has been always referred to as an “International Giant in knowledge and academics.”

He has been a role model who has motivated people to successfully become Engineers, Accountants, Medical professionals and those who followed their entrepreneurial paths. Many of those who thought that they would not go far were able to go even farther under his umbrella.

Dr. Bagare Emmanuel aims for every individual that lives under the sun on the face of the planet to achieve the dreams of that individual with education as a backbone without excuses.


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