I Tried Honesty



About the Book :

Honesty is one quality which is, in principle, expected to be adhered to by everyone. It is also recommended, as a necessary ingredient of the character of every person, by all the religions.

But, despite all this, the attitude of most of the people is not encouraging. Why most of people of today are reluctant to be honest?

It is not that every person of the present time is fully dishonest, but the degree of honesty varies from person to person. Again why so?

Is it really true that an honest person can never prosper in the present time?

The author of this book claims that with little efforts, one can be able to lead his life honestly. He has also mentioned about the ways for how the honesty can be spread in the society.

About the Author

The author is a retired IFS (Indian Forest Service) officer. He is a science graduate and holder of diploma in forestry. He studied GIS in Australian National University, Canberra. He also attended a course of study of American Forestry in Yale University, USA.

The author served the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh for about 35 years. During this period he held important positions in the department and worked in almost all the branches of forestry.

He also had an opportunity to work in State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (MP) for 12 years. He has about 40 research papers to his credit. He was also involved in the publication of a research bulletin of the institute.

The author has written a book named as “Khaas Aam Log” in Hindi language which came in the market last year.

He is running in the 69th year of his age and living the retirement life. He is presently based in Sagar city of Madhya Pradesh.


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