Ikkiya Naadugal Sabai Ulagathin Thuyaram


It does not require a person to have an extraordinary IQ to indicate the fundamental necessities of a man, which are food, dress and shelter. However, one more necessity is there to include in the list. i.e. peace. There is price for food, dress and shelter, and anyone can buy it for money. But, nobody can buy peace, even at the cost of his/ her entire wealth.

I am deeply disheartened by two untoward incidents. First one is the genocide of approx.4.5 Lakh Tamil-speaking Hindus during the final war in Sri Lankan in 2009. And, the next one is the political unrest in Nepal, where the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) came into power, by overthrowing the Hindu king’s government, remarkably when there is no public outcry for ousting the Hindu king’s ruling.

There is no single day passing in the middle eastern countries without bomb blasts and the wailing of people. Nothing could be more tyranny that all these atrocities are happening under the supervison of UN Council, a system that people across the world believe to have been created for the world peace. This book is written with the realization of the fact that any further existence of the UN council will pose a major threat to the entire world.

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