In Defense of Handwriting Expert


About The Book

“In defense of handwriting expert” is a law book .Handwriting expert otherwise known as “questioned document Examiner “ is a person who has received the requisite training in the Science of examination of questioned document and examines documents with respect to the identification of handwriting and signatures, detection of forgeries , on forensic document problems such as alteration, erasures, identification of typewriting’s etc and also gives his opinion .The Science of examination of documents were propounded by A.S.Osborn in his book “Questioned Documents” published in 1910. Since then the principles have been accepted and followed by handwriting experts worldwide and his opinion has been accepted by the Courts. This book is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter I contains a discussion on comparison of handwriting vis-a-vis comparison done on bodily characteristics, how handwriting characteristics are developed and principles of identification of handwriting.. Chapters II contain a description of characteristics. Chapter III discusses misconception and prejudice prevalent against the Science of comparison of handwritings. Chapters IV discuss why it is necessary to furnish detailed reasons for his opinion by the Expert along with a format of Statement of reasons which normally follows with the opinion of the Expert.

About The Author

The author is a retired Dy.Supdt of Police, Handwriting Bureau, Odisha ,Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar After completion of his training in the science of examination of Questioned documents he worked as Handwriting Expert for more than 34 years and examined and furnished opinion in Police and Vigilance cases and proved his opinion to the satisfaction of the Courts. The author is a Science and Law graduate and retired in March 2005.During his service period he had contributed to a number of research papers based on examination of documents to National and international conferences.

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