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How does the story of King Pandu slaying a deer relate to the economic theory of indifferent utility? What is the Root Cause Analysis behind the slaying of King Jarasandha? When offered a choice, did Arjuna’s preference of having Krishna on his side over the Narayani Sena happen as a result of Monotonic Preference?
Enter the wildly fascinating world of the great Indian epic Thee Mahabharata and re-explore the tenets and moral principles highlighted in these stories from completely diverse perspectives. Explaining fundamental microeconomic theories through the stories of The Mahabharata, Jayarthashastra posits conventional graphs and diagrams in correspondence to the nuances of the story. Utilising the stories
from the epic, this book seeks to explore the behaviour of its characters, analyse their actions and decisions in accordance with the laws of Microeconomics. An attempt to offer a new perspective of looking at The Mahabharata, Jayarthashastra seeks to present
a seamless amalgamation of stories that are centuries old and social science that is relatively ‘modern’ in its methodology; all to prove that the human experience is always the same irrespective of time, location or our perceived ideas of modernity and progress.


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