Kalayatha Kanavukal


Indestructible dreams. My dreams have not disappeared. Dreams that regard my love and faith in God, my respect for elders and their sufferings. Finally, I have a dream for my nation. I have observed multiple things in India from during my childhood to now, such as: the poverty, the clashes amongst castes ,various religion and various language speaking people. I would like to share my understandingu of India’s struggle and that of the freedom fighters whom were led by the great Mahatma Gandhiji. Even though he had sacrificed his life and led simple life, He whom attained a barrister degree in London.He was a great inspiration for me to also try contribute to such an incredible nation like India. Whilst attempting to gain independence many freedoms fighters and leaders sacrificed their lives in order to do so however now are forgotten by our citizens. Their priceless sacrifices have become mere memories and rather those morales aren’t practiced at all in modern society I put forward the concept that modern India requires another freedom too. One which obtains national security for each individual as the country is ruled by a selfish government and its leaders are influenced extremely by industrialists and huge foreign agencies.

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