Kalljayi Geeta – Goodh Gyaan ki Subodh Vyakhya


Excerpts from kaaljayi Gita (Hindi) by Ram Prakash Singhal:


  • Kaaljayi Gita tells that liberation is not the finale of life; fulfilling duties is equally important.
  • Gyan, the knowledge, is the head of Gita; Karm, the action its limbs; and Bhakti, the devotion its heart. The grand fusion of Samagr Yog (Complete Yog) happens when actions of limbs synchronize with knowledge of head and harmonize with devotion of heart.
  • God gave us wisdom to differentiate between flowers and thorns. Make your life a beautiful garden.
  • Orthodoxy is the peel of banana and Dharm, the moral duty its pulp. Relish pulp but never set foot on the peel lest you slip into gutter.
  • Life’s tape-recorder does not have a rewind button, but it does have a revise button. Use it often to learn from past mistakes.
  • Mind, like a CCTV camera, should not store images of every object passing before it. Enjoy the 3 D movie of life wearing spectacles of Anasakti, the detachment.
  • Ramkrishna Paramhans: ‘Who are you to pity on others? Only Narayan (God) can bestow mercy on everyone. You should just see His presence in them, and serve.’
  • The unfaithful people visit Rameswaram temple and see intricate carvings on pillars but neglect Jyotirling Darshan.
  • An iron ladle approached an alchemist to make it of gold. He replied, ‘If you really want to become gold, get rid of the dirt and smell of oil, spices deposited on you and come back’.



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