Kanavukal Thirakkum Kadhavukal


About the Book

The author believes that the dreams disclose the inner secrets of our mind. Every word, every symbol we see in our dreams is related to our personal experience in our daily life.

The origin of our dreams is our subconscious mind. The inner mind records everything that happens around us. The dreams try to tell us what is suppressed by our conscious mind.

The conscious mind follows the vertical thinking process. It follows the oft-beaten track approved by tradition and narrowly misses a chance to reap success (if only it had looked sideways). The ever alert subconscious mind picks up the item missed by the conscious mind and presents it in the form of a dream. The conscious mind does not allow the subconscious to jump to conclusions without any rational basis.

Many inventions have been made when the subconscious mind gets a free run during the time the conscious mind sleeps or when it is in a relaxed state.

If we properly interpret our dreams, we can have a better idea of our innermost desires, our strength and weakness, how to overcome our irrational fears, and so on. As we alone can understand the meaning of the words and symbols in our dreams, the key to unlock the meaning of our dreams is with us.


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