Kurukshetram 2.0 – War Against Childhood Cancer


About the book Is it necessary?

In this modern era of internet and social medias, where we can find anything and everything, having our relatives and friends all around the world settled in America, Australia and even in Antartica, it is just a matter of few minutes for anyone to find an information about anything. So in the post-modern era, is there really a necessity for writing a book?

When present in a state of dilemma, one can easily get mislead by a random Website/article

While coming across various catchy advertisements posted by a hospital could be service-minded or money-minded and while listening to people who claim that traditional Indian alternative treatment are completely free of side effects, at this confusions, it is essential to receive advise from a ”Centrism(MAIAM)” point of view while being in a state of confusion.

I strongly honestly believe that “this book holds authentic experience based information for all your questions regarding childhood cancer”.

About the Author

Trained in Tirunelveli Medical College Christian Medical College, Vellore Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide


Division of Paediatric Hematology and oncology Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research, Chennai

Visiting Consultant

Kanchi Kamakoti Childhood’s Trust Hospital Sankaranethralaya Eye Hospital , Chennai

  • 20 years experience of treating cancer children
  • Authored a paediatric textbook and 150 scientific papers in medical journals,
  • Involved with many NGOs to support poor cancer children.


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