These books have been written especially for your Intellectual development so that when you speak, people listen. Aim is to deliver most relevant and researched content in the minimum number of words to help a large cross section of reader’s from teen agers and beyond and help in creating their own
intellectual identity to win over bosses, employers and peers. Learn and earn by reading the bestselling author to win hearts and heads.

“Virender has emerged as an enthusiastic world class thought innovator and an author par excellence. He has established a global foot print with more than two dozen books on several critical aspects of Human Behavior now translated in several languages. He has demonstrated adroitness as a teacher, hands on manager”S. B. Mujumdar PhD Chancellor Symbiosis International University

Media bites
‘This book can alter your mindset’ – The Week

‘Refreshing to see a book which spurs you to listen to your basic instincts’ – Business India

‘Let’s rhyme rule reason and makes you think’ – Business Today

‘Addresses the power of personal motivation’ – Economic Times

Many books have been written on leadership but still, we do not have good leaders and there is a void, a gap between what type of leaders or bosses we need and what type we have. This book is a fresh approach to match up that gap. It addresses the 15 most essential traits of leaders that are considered capable of “creating transformation” – leading you from ignorance to truth. The concepts are unambiguous, pithy close to aphorism- original thoughts which can be easily applied. This book in that sense is like “Applied Leadership”. The author has captured the wisdom of more than two dozen industry honchos who are running large corporations in almost every domain.


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