Lost Recipes: A Collection of Age-old Vegetarian Recipes


About the Book

A collection of 61 traditional vegetarian recipes from Mainland India, these are recipes that were lost with time or owing to the cumbrous cooking requirements. This book tries to bring some of those recipes back by altering the cooking methods in a way that makes them suitable for modern-day kitchens.

Manju Sharma, a cooking enthusiast, has an enviable knowledge of 65 years of cooking and recipes that have been passed on to her through generations. She has shared a slice of her knowledge in this book through a compilation of these traditional recipes. These chosen recipes range from sweets, snacks and pickles to the main course and drinks.

Lost Recipes is an attempt by the author to make traditional taste available to everyone – tastes that were lost somewhere but deserve to be brought back, tastes that not only reflect the rich culinary tradition of India but also mirror its cultural diversity.

These recipes are a simple but surefire way to promote a nutritious, wholesome diet and add a traditional Indian flair to your culinary repertoire.

About the Author

Manju Sharma, a retired teacher, a voracious reader, a mother, a wife, and an ecstatic grandmother who loves to cook and experiment with recipes that she has come across in the 65 years of her life and is still exploring.

She has lived and honed her love for cooking recipes from the interiors of Arunachal Pradesh to towns in Uttar Pradesh and learned the tastes of local cuisines from Karnataka to Uttarakhand to Nepal.

Undeterred by the difficulties of health and life, she has found joy in cooking and sharing her love. She now extends that love to every reader.


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