MahaBharat mein Lord Shri Krishn’s Naghma – e – Sukhan


About the book:

Shrimad Bhagvad Gita is the tale of learning and earning. It tells humans what to earn and how, once they start existing on earth. Here we should earn skill’s perfection, self respect, affection, confidence, self-dependence, prosperity, health, peace and God’s blessings. Besides, while worshipping God, we can earn all this by keeping ourselves engaged in two types of Yog practices. Eg:-

  • 1.Karm Yog, i.e. to connect to work
  • 2.Dhyan Yog, i.e. to connect to wisdom

Also, these practices must be done with clear eye after having pure mind and heart. Being devoted to God, this God-revealed knowledge & wisdom of Gita, has been dedicated to His own creation – the universe and its people.

The teachings in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita are of universal appeal and now they are even said to be taught in some schools/Universities in a few western countries.


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