Malaravan – Malar + Avan


About the Book

This book challenges the age-old, oft-repeated idea that a woman is akin to a flower. Is it so that only women can be compared to flowers? Of course, while from ancient times, a woman’s beauty has been compared to that of a flower, but in this book, the menfolk are being compared to flowers. Using irony, the lines in this book have managed to portray the qualities of men as that of a flower. Malaravan ballyrag everyone except men. So God help none of these to start a natural war. This book is an epic mix of love and passion created for women to gift to their loved one.

About the Author

Anitha Sundar was born in Paramakudi, Ramanathapuram district. She has been interested in writing stories and poetry since she was a child. She studied postgraduate literature at Anna Adarsh Women’s college in Chennai. She made her debut as a lyricist in 2020 with the song Mathorubagan in a short film titled Thunaivi based on the wife of a martyred soldier.


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