Mazhaliar Mana valarchi


About the Book:

What caused me to write this book?

While I was serving in school, a colleague of mine slapped a boy on his cheek. What was the offence that provoked a serious response from the teacher? The boy gave the teacher his pen by his left hand. More than ten percent of the world population are left-handed. Many geniuses belong to this group because their nerves are wired as such by nature. This is the basic truth the professor of psychology at the training college would have told him.

Formerly, parents used to tell the children bed-time stories. The grandma at the opposite house used to bombard the children with riddles and puzzles to tease their brain. Nowadays, every one is deeply immersed in TV serials.

If people only realize that it is the primary duty of the parents to bring up their wards in such a way that they become productive and useful citizens – both intellectually and morally, the world would be different.

I hope this book will be helpful to the parents in this regard.

About the author:

Having served in the Education Department as a teacher, teacher-educator, inspector, he has visited various schools – Tamil schools, Anglo Indian Schools, Matriculation Schools, Schools for the hearing impaired, vision impaired and mentally retarded. He has interacted with both teachers and students of such schools.

Trained as a teacher with Educational Psychology as a primary subject, he developed a deep interest in that subject and continued to read books on psychology, developmental psychology, personality improvement, lateral thinking, etc. with ravenous greediness.

After retirement, he has published about ten books on different subjects – detective short stories, travel, amateur astronomy and stories for children.


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