‘Mehrunissa’ is the story of two soulmates from very different backgrounds; whose lives intersect by accident and blossom into a partnership for life, brimming with passion, love and togetherness. Jonathan’s life is struck down tragically all of a sudden, leaving Mehrunissa all alone to face the world. But very soon, she finds the strength to face her new reality, consoled in the belief that her beloved soulmate and her ancestors are watching over her from above.

But did Mehrunissa and Jonathan really hail from very different backgrounds? As the narrative unfolds and explores their ancestry over more than two centuries, and in the process, traces the evolution of a tiny, liberal, and vibrant Indian community that acquired a distinct identity of its own during the Seringapatam Captivity (1784-99), it raises questions that sometimes enter our minds but that we seldom entertain, because of our rational mind-sets – Is it possible that the spirits of those who perish, wander around the universe until they find solace and comfort in the beings of others, sometimes several generations apart from their own? Are we more connected with one another, than contemporary science and wisdom would ever even attempt to contemplate?


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