Millionaire Kids


The ultimate parenting and children’s education guide to groom 3-15 year olds as money and personal finance smart kids. You can guide, influence and train your kids in to the world of money, business, wealth, entrepreneurs, millionaires and riches. You can teach them the importance of managing money well while earning, saving and investing. You can give a chance for your kids to become entrepreneurs and money wizards from very young age by showing role models from 30 millionaire kids across the world. Your kids will have an edge over most other kids if trained in money skills.

This book contains 20 activities to build money and entrepreneurship skills. BUILDING MONEY SKILLS IN KIDS -How to make money? How to save money? How to invest money? -Building financial education and corresponding competencies for kids -Money learning milestone for each stage of 3-15-year-olds -Making kids aware of frauds and scams in online and other places -Teach the concept of budgeting, saving and investing from early childhood DEVELOPING ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN KIDS -Cultivate entrepreneurship mindset and corresponding skills from young age -Building emotional intelligence and peer relationships -Build courage, creativity, and decisiveness in kids -How to develop entrepreneurial mentors and role models


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