Moh & Maya


About the Book:

Moh and Maya is the author’s first book. It tracks the journey of Maya, as spoken by her account of memories to her granddaughter Mohini (Moh) during her holidays in the year 2020. Maya reminiscences how she landed up in Mumbai despite her life journey through Rajasthan, Himachal, and Bengal. Maya’s three sons, Sanjeevni, Ashwini and Hari plot their careers in different directions, often meeting her at “Moh and Maya” at her home in Nawalgarh. This is a story about a family, permanently in the state of nomadic migration, trying hard to stay with each other, and yet torn away by distance and compulsions, due to the choices of their own making. One son is obsessed with love, another by paternal instinct and the third by survival. While the three are different from each other, they are bound together by their maternal affections, and yet follow their own heart, mind and soul. Where will Maya find herself? A choice she must make in her old age, while humming the film musical score of the times she lived through, with love for Khazanchand. An Indian story of survival, progress, love, affection, music, travel, and all mortal and temporary realities of life.

About the author:

Sanjeev Bhatia, is known by his pen name for poetries and fiction.


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