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The writer of My Incurable Wanderlust, Lion Dr Y Kiron is a prolific author and an acclaimed subject matter expert on realty, construction, infrastructure, hospitality, leisure and allied areas. His previous best selling publications include Earth Shastra, Claim your time, Blueprint Blow up, Medha, Of Feet & Yards and several case studies and whitepapers published across diverse platforms. He believes in educating the larger consumer segment and enabling them to make smart realty investment decisions. Dr Kiron has always been a vocal advocate of demystifying the functionality and market dynamics of real estate in order to help customers make the right choices and buying decisions. And that’s how he turned to authoring several books on realty despite his hectic schedule as the head honcho of a flourishing realty conglomerate, Suchirindia. All the books authored by him have turned out to be best sellers with repeat editions. His books deal not just with the finer nuances linked to real estate business but also smart investing, optimum time management, success mantras and more. Dr Kiron’s writing pursuits are purely nonprofit oriented. All the proceeds from the sale of his books go towards a host of charitable activities via Suchirindia Foundation, the CSR wing of his conglomerate.

Sharing thoughts, demystifying knowledge and empowering customers are the key drivers of his passion as an accomplished author. In fact there’s more to Dr Kiron as he’s not just an entrepreneur cum author but also a multi faceted personality who believes in living life to the fullest.

Lion Dr Kiron is also the Honorary Consul of Bulgaria to Telangana and AP. He is the CEO of Suchirindia Group which has diversified interests in Real Estate, Construction, Infrastructure, Leisure and Hospitality. The group is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India and has a global portfolio of works.

He is an avid adventurer and a globetrotter who has visit



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