My Islamabad Diary: A Discovery Of Our Western Neighbour


A young Indian girl accompanies her parents, who are on a diplomatic assignment to Pakistan, and ends up spending four years in Islamabad. Her journey of growing up , getting an education, learning about this neighbouring country and discovering a subtle connect – makes for a unique story. Narrated from real-life experiences, which have changed her paradigm, ‘My Islamabad Diary’ enables the reader to discover a nuanced understanding of Pakistan and her people – as seen from the eyes of a young adult. Free of preconceived notions and propaganda, being unbiased at her young age, Atyantika breaks throughs the binary ideas of India-Pakistan, to delve into culture, society, youth and heritage. Her first-hand account of what she witnessed in Islamabad and during her travels, on the conundrum of consular tension, political unrest and fervent diplomacy, is chronicled for those interested to gain a fresh perspective. Atyantika’s experience of living across the Radcliffe Line is a peek at Pakistan, from the viewpoint of a young Indian girl.


“What makes Atyantika’s account stand out is its simplicity, its lack of preconceptions and its straightforward description of a complex, changing and often hard to define interface.”

Ambassador Dr. TCA Raghavan


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