Of Clouds and Rainbows: A Novel set in the Kingdom of Bhutan




After escaping from her abusive husband, Pema and her ten-year-old son, Sonam, try to start a new life in the capital, Thimphu. When things begin to look brighter, new hardships darken their lives. Balancing on a knife’s edge, between life and death, Sonam discovers an unlikely friendship with a girl suffering from an incurable disease. Together, they embark on an inner journey of self-discovery filled with ancient Bhutanese legends, myths, and magic that intertwines with reality and changes the lives of all around them.

A story of sacrifice, courage, boundless love, and a secret promise that must be kept at all costs…

About the author

John Dahlgren is a Psychologist and an award-winning author. He’s a member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologist. He studied creative and fiction writing at Oxford University in England where he earned high praise for his work. He’s now teaching creative writing to students in Bhutan.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, he grew up close to the vast and untamed nature of Scandinavia and became influenced at an early age by the Nordic sagas, fairy tales and mythologies. This environment triggered his imagination and inspired him, to later become a fiction/fantasy writer.

Besides his regular work, he is now engaged in several book projects, for both younger readers and adults. He’s also a script writer and composer.

Dahlgren lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland together with his wife and two children.

For more information, please visit Dahlgren’s website: www.johnlldahlgren.com

Book Author

John L. L. Dahlgren








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