Oghad Shanker


About the Book

Oghad Shanker is a present day sweet stories of ourselves. There are two characters Oghad Shanker and Boghad Shanker residing deep down in our consciousness. Our every thought, our every word, our every action, our each decision has two options. Boghad shanker takes the decision based on scriptural advise and wisdom while Oghad Shanker has his own ways and his own logic. This book of Oghad Shanker tells the story of our consciousness and how we take decisions. At the end of each story there is a question. Who are you? Are you Oghad Shanker or Boghad Shanker. Each one has to answer his or her own consciousness. The writer is just a third party witness though she wishes that after reading the book each one just consciously thinks to be Oghad Shanker or Boghad shanker.


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